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YES we do wholesale. The minimum quantity for wholesale order is 20 metres in any combination from our total line selection of wax print, batik, Woodin, kente or Indigo cloth and 20 pieces for clothing and Mudcloth, Tie dye, Indigo cloth .
Wholesale price is 20% discount of the retail price:
* African wax print - Wholesale price is $ 14.40 AUD per metre.
* African batik - Wholesale price is $ 16 AUD per metre.
* Clothing - 20% off the online price
*Mudcloth - 20% off the online price

1. First complete the order form below or email us your order. For each print name enter the quantity you would like to order. Please make sure you also enter the shipping address and your contact details.
2. Once we receive your order we will review it and send you a confirmation of the availability of the quantity you ordered. Please not the maximum you can order for a particular print of wax print is 20m and 5m for the batik. If the quantity you order is not available we will let you know.
3. Once we finalise order quantities and confirm availabilities with you we then send you our bank account details for the payment.
4. Once we receive the payment your order will be sent the next business day.

* We have a minimum Opening Order of 20 metres in any combination from our total line selection of wax print and batik.
* Placing an order do not guarantee the availability of the print in the quantity required.
* Before payment you must wait until we confirm the availability of your order.
* Orders must be pre-paid by bank deposit, credit card over the phone or Paypal. They will be processed upon payment reception.
* We do not take returns.
* We do not take wholesale orders over the phone to insure efficiency.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING for Australian orders is $10
* We ship via Australia registered post and you will be provided with a tracking number
* Your order will arrive within 2-3 days, possibly sooner depending on your location.
Thank you!
We’re looking forward to work with you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.