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African Fabrics Collection is committed in providing you with the best quality African fabrics and derived products. We offer premium quality fabrics that will last long and are very easy to take care of.

Here we listed specific washing guidelines for fabrics purchased from African Fabrics Collection. If you have further questions about washing your fabrics please contact us, we would be happy to help.

Wax print
Wax print can be machine or hand washed in warm water. Our Wax prints are premium quality and do not run. For ironing your wax print please use the cotton setting.

Our Batik fabrics can be hand or machine washed at no hotter than 40C and they will not run. For ironing your Batik cloth please use the cotton setting.

Rabal can be hand or machine washed in warm water. You won’t have any color loss. Our advice would be to wash them only when necessary because they are very hard to wash especially hand washing. Usually they don’t need ironing but if you would like to iron them it is preferable to use the setting for Cotton.Do not place in dryer.

Indigo Cloth
Traditional organic Indigo dye will always run for the first 6-8 washings–most heavily at first, and then less and less as the excess dye is washed out. Thus, it is not colorfast until all the excess dye has washed out. Check the water, if it’s still blue, the extra dye is still coming out. One way to check is to dampen a corner of the cloth and iron it between two paper towers. If the paper towel has blue on it, you need to wash the cloth again.

Until you no longer see blue on the paper towel or in the water, we strongly recommend caution in wearing an indigo dyed garment with other light colored clothing or when you are sitting on your white leather couch, or are mixing the cloth into other projects, particularly with light colored cloth.

Mudcloth (Bogolan)
The authentic Mudcloth will have an uneven look to the weave, because it is made by hand. Additionally, it might be bit dusty because of the making process and the use of mud. some of the dye will rub off before it has been washed. Mudcloth are moderately durable fabrics and can be gently washed by hand using mild soap. However we would recommend to test a small portion with the detergent you intend to use. Typically the cloth becomes softer with each washing. Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not place in dryer. We cannot accept liability for loss of detail or for running of colors, as each piece is unique. It can be gently moistened and ironed between two towels to remove any wrinkles. It is easily sewn or incorporated into many designs.